About this Site

If you are tired of the USA’s FBAR, Citizenship-Based Taxation (CBT), and FATCA—this is YOUR place.

If you want to make a post of your own, send in a comment with simple instructions.  Instead of approving your comment—I will copy paste it in to your own post.

Give your instructions as to whether you want to be anonymous, input a nom de plume, or want to put in your real name. I will publish your first name but we must talk by telephone in order to publish your full name.

We invite all affected by this nightmare—including those in the banks and governments who have to deal with this mess.

Many people don’t have their own blog site, and many people want to be together on one site.

Post it here.

I’ll do my best to timely put it up and send a twitter announcement!

Please make it clear that you do or do not want your name published.

Please make it clear that you do or do not want any other contact info published. Be redundant.

Please make a title for your article.

THe work should be your own and the text should dominate the links.  The purpose is to get your text and not someone else’s.  If you want to provide links—there are better avenues than this for your efforts.  You are also encouraged to set up your own blog and publicize your own works. The more avenues the better.

Please control your own work. By definition, this site is for guest posts. The guidelines are similar to those of any “letters to the editor”.

Please support the writers and copy links to their works in as many places as you can.

If you have already published your works someplace–then place a link in the comment section and I will gladly approve your comment and your link!

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