Freedom of Information Request for Quantity of US Expatriations (US Citizenship Relinquishments & Renunciations)

RE: FOIA request to Department of State:

To: John F. Hackett, Acting Director, Office of Information Programs and Services

Building SA-2

515 22nd Street, NW

Washington, DC 20522-8100

According the the Freedom of Information Act, please provide the number of cases of loss of citizenship (renunciation and relinquishment), as recorded in the Consular Workload and Statistics System (CWSS).

This should not be difficult to obtain the numbers and you should be able to respond very quickly because it’s an electronic database.

The best format is in an excel file, line by line, with one renunciant per line with data fields including at least: date, consular post, country, and designation as renunciation or relinquishment.

You may send an electronic file by mail, or it would be better to send the info in an attachment to an email to

The names should not be confidential as they are required to be published. However, if it should be determined to be confidential, the names could be redacted. However, again, there should not be a need to redact the names.

Please do not refer me to the Federal Register as that list is not comprehensive nor complete.

tip: the DOS congressional liaison (Scott Boswell, has access to this information.

Please immediately send confirmation that you have received this request and give a prognosis for fulfilling the request.


One thought on “Freedom of Information Request for Quantity of US Expatriations (US Citizenship Relinquishments & Renunciations)

  1. There is another number you should request via FOIA.

    The total wealth declared on the IRS forms for those renouncing.

    Why does this matter? I am under the assumption that the average networth of those renouncing is $1M or higher. Finding this dollar amount could have value as 10000 people renouncing with a networth of $1M (or higher) will reinforce how much the USA is losing. $10B never to be invested in the USA, future tax dollars the USA will never receive, etc etc.


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