5 thoughts on “Dear President of America

  1. Dear Janne,

    The President of America is a very very bad man. Your grandfather is a very very good man.

    Your grandfather gave you good clean money. He did not give you filthy America money.

    But, the President of America thinks that because you were born in America that you are not as good as your brothers and sisters who were not born in America. He thinks that you are a criminal because you were born in America but do not live in America.

    You must just ignore this very bad man and be happy that you don’t live in America. Also, don’t ever tell anybody you were born in America. People will think you are a criminal who keeps filthy money in the bank. They will not want to play with you. They will not be your friend because they are afraid of that bad man President of America.

    I’m so sorry you were born in America, but it’s not your fault that you were born there.

    Uncle Boris

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  3. Really gets the point across.

    What kind of a country would have a federal crimes enforcement agency demanding that a child, living outside America, with no American income, go online to a website called Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, whose instructions specifically direct children to themselves report their paltry birthday, education, and other ordinary legal savings so that it can be monitored as the potential proceeds of crime?


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